Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Using Your (Millennial) Powers for Good

This year at my school, there was a big debate (I'm sure) among the IT facilitators and Administration over educational use of cell phones in school.  Once again, the answer was no.  Facebook and Twitter are still blocked.  Even though our network still goes down, and the unspoken code is that cell phones and hotspots are used on a daily basis as back ups for downed networks and taking photos of lesson plans and teacher notes and homework written on the whiteboards.

I was, and always will be, a proponent of teaching students to learn how to use technology freely and responsibly at appropriate developmental levels.  So, I was glad when I ran across this infographic by Christian Brink (sorry, Christian, I can't follow you @christian_brink) who is working with the Family Online Safety Institute.  (Sorry, FOSI, your site is also blocked by our IT).

See, Millennials can use their powers for good, not evil.

Are Millennials Using Technology for Good?
Please include attribution to www.aplatformforgood.org with this graphic.

In addition, check out these goodies:  Digital Citizenship Flashcards!  Everyone should own a set!

Digital Citizenship Flashcard Deck

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